Topical minoxidil used before and after hair transplant surgery. Macrophotographic follow-up. In Van Neste D., Lachapelle J.M., Antoine J.L., Trends in Human Hair Growth and Alopecia Research, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1989 ; 247-255.

A 2% topical minoxidil solution was applied on the recipient bald scalp of sixteen patients aged 25 to 52 years with Hamilton classification of androgenetic alopecia from III to IV. Therapy began 4 weeks before surgery, then stopped during 3 weeks and started again for 3 months. 4 mm grafts were inserted into 3.5 mm recipient holes. A macrophotographic follow-up was done for 3 months on four grafts near a tattooed located area. On about 71% of the 64 grafts, partial or total hair is still growing without the shedding that usually occurs 2-4 weeks after transplantation. Topical minoxidil seems to be an adjunct for a better evolution of grafts after hair transplant surgery.

Topical minoxidil used before and after hair transplantation surgery
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