DR Pierre Bouhanna


Dr. Pierre Bouhanna is a surgical dermatologist exclusively specialized in the scalp. He is both a resident expert for the French Ministry of Health and a consultant at the Saint-Louis Hospital in Paris (Sabouraud center). He is also the Director of the Scalp Surgery Diploma Program(Paris VI).

Among his many publications, Dr. Bouhanna notably published “Le phototrichogramme” (The Phototrichogram), “La classification multifactorielle” (Multifactorial classification) as well as “La FUL (greffes par unites foliculaires a cheveux longs)” (FUL (grafting of individual follicles to longer hair). He has also developed specific transplantation techniques with regard to eyebrows, beard and facial hair and origin-specific considerations for African and Asian hair types. In addition, Dr. Bouhanna participates in ongoing research on new growth factors using Plasma-Rich Platelets (PRP).


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Docteur Pierre Bouhanna, chirurgien expert en greffe et implants capillaires

Operation of the cabinet

The team, made up of doctors, surgeons and assistants, makes every effort to find the causes of hair loss, assess the importance of hair loss and accurately determine the number of hair implants needed (for long hair implants). FUL or Follicular Extraction FUE) to allow a definitive reconstruction of all the bald regions.

Philosophy of the center

Dr. Bouhanna and his team practice all types of transplants and establish a tailored and personalized treatment plan so that each patient will definitely find his hair with little or no scarring. This also makes it possible to better evaluate in the coming years the number of FUE or FUL capillary grafts to be expected in the event of evolution of the shedding.

Specificity of the center

A complete assessment of the hair and scalp will be performed with a microscopic examination of the roots, a phototrichogram or trichoscopy before selecting the most appropriate hair treatment.

Our hair transplant center in Paris is also equipped to practice the most modern medical hair treatment techniques (PRP injections, mesotherapy, micro-needling …).

The final reconstruction of beard and eyebrows is also proposed.


1 tool allowing a better diagnosis

  • Trichoscopy: non-invasive diagnosis of hair problems

3 tools allowing a better choice of the technique

  • Multifactorial classification of Bouhanna: computerized measurement of 12 parameters
  • TrichoScale® digital phototrichogram: accurate measurement of hair density and diameter
  • Van Scott trichogramma: root analysis under a microscope

Recreate the natural emergence of hair and hair

A wise choice for:

  • The reconstitution of baldness in men and women
  • The correction of scars
  • Reconstruction of eyebrows, beard or mustache

All tips to :

  • Avoid any pain (anesthetic cream, sophrology)
  • Draw with the patient the area to be implanted
  • Make imperceptible scars
  • Have a definitive aesthetic result


Address of the medical office:

Office of Dr. Pierre Bouhanna

14 Rue Théodore de Banville
75017 Paris