University education

University Diploma of Scalp Pathology and Surgery (Paris Sorbonne University)

Directors: Dr. Pierre Bouhanna and Dr. Marc Divaris
This diploma in the field of the scalp allows the bringing together of both surgeons and dermatologists in a form of integrated teaching dedicated to: anatomy, biology, pathology and medical and surgical therapies. It combines theoretical and practical education in both a dissection room and through a training session in the operating room. Such integrated education makes it possible to formalize the acquisition of specific knowledge in this specialty.
University Pedagogical Secretariat:

Conférence donnée par le Docteur Bouhanna en enseignement à l'universite de Paris pour le diplome de chirurgie du cuir chevelu

Teaching on one year at the rate of 2 sessions of 4 consecutive days.

Some courses will be taught in English.
1 or 2 half-days of training in the operating room.
Theoretical instruction: 90h / Practical teaching: 15h / Clinical teaching: 20h.
Presence at all activities: compulsory.

CALENDAR 2023/2024 –

SUSPENDED – registration to resume in 2024

Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

First session
Second session




MEMOIRE SUBMISSION: 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

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Clinical and Trichoscopic Assessment in Hair Transplantation

September 13, 3023 –  6 pm

Dive into the realm of clinical and trichoscopy roles in assessing the success of hair transplants. Explore the techniques, patterns, and interpretations that guide precise evaluation.


Exploring Unshaved Long Hair FUT Technique 'FUL'

October 4, 3023 –  6 pm

The course will provide comprehensive presentations and instructional videos showcasing “Unshaved Long Hair FUT Technique” and a detailed, step-by-step demonstration of the procedure.


Hair Transplantation for Afro-textured Hair

October 25, 3023 –  6 pm

Learn tailored approaches to address unique challenges and ensure natural results for Afro-textures hair types. Master the intricacies of donor selection, graft placement, and post-transplant care. 


Hair Transplantation for Patients With Post-Cancer Alopecia

November 29, 2023 – 6 pm

Learn effective techniques to restore hair for individuals who have experienced hair loss due to cancer treatments. Gain expertise in addressing unique challenges and providing tailored solutions. 


Comparing Hair Transplants & Synthetic Hair Implants

December 20, 2023 – 6 pm

Delve into the world of options for hair loss solutions, examining the benefits and drawbacks of both techniques. Gain insights into the science, aesthetics, and patient considerations behind each approach. 



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