New aspects of Minoxidil. Nouv Dermatol, 1991 ; 10(1) : 24-34

The efficiency of minoxidil seems to rely on many mechanisms of action, either proved or still hypothetical. The favorable trichogenous action of this molecule has been confirmed by many methods of investigation, such as in-vitro cultures and in-vitro phototrichograms. A quantitative objectivization of the « normalizing » effects on hair loss, and of the “stimulating” action on capillary regrowth enabled us to deliver better indications and prescriptions in cases of androgenetic female or male alopecia, in cases of alopecia areata and auto-graft surgery. The development of the long hairgraft technique has been rended possible thanks to the trichogenous action of minoxidil. Moreover, the interest of the association of retino-acid and minoxidil has been contemplated. The diversity and mildness of the side effects induced by minoxidil such as the hypertrichosis observed on women, seem to depend either directly on the doses applied or on the individual sensitivity of each patient.

Article scientifique sur le Minoxidil
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